The latest news suggests that Saskatchewan has made two admissions through Express Enterprises and Employment Opportunities, during which it has issued invitations to 150 immigration applicants.

The Saskatchewan Provincial Immigration Program is designed to rate applicants and rank them in Express Entity Submissions and Jobs based on the Expression of Interest system. Details of invitations issued for both subsections are as follows:

Express Enterprises: 40 Invitations
Required Jobs: 105 Invitations
Also required of applicants to have at least 78 points in Saskatchewan Expression of Interest. In addition, applicants receive a score based on factors such as education, skilled work experience, fluency in English or French and communication skills in Saskatchewan. Subsequently, the highest scoring applicants will be issued in both subscriptions during consecutive admissions.

Express Entry
Express Saskatchewan Enter is associated with the Federal Express System. The Express Entry System is a system for migrating to Canada that attracts skilled Canadian skilled workers from around the world based on immigrant privileges and criteria in three categories of skilled federal workers. Candidates are categorized based on their scores in the comprehensive rating system; the system scores candidates based on English language proficiency in French (Canada’s two official languages), age, education and work experience. Candidates with the highest scores are often granted ITA admissions.

Applicants selected by the province will receive an additional 600 points in the comprehensive rating system. Given that recent federal admissions have been below the minimum rating system rating of over 400, gaining an additional 600 points is a guarantee of receiving an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

Required Jobs
Applicants applying for the required jobs selected by the province will be considered for permanent residency in Canada outside of the Express Entry System. Although having a job offer is not part of the requirements of this subsection, in both Express Enterprises and the jobs required to have a job experience in one of the 19 jobs currently on the Saskatchewan Needed Job List.

Since the beginning of 2019, the Saskatchewan Provincial Migration Program has issued 1789 invitations through the Required Jobs Subdivision and 1315 Express Entries. The number of invitations received at the 15 August acceptance (150 invitations) indicates a significant decrease compared to the 24 July acceptance (381 invitations).